Well here it goes! I am starting a Blog! First Entry…..And GO!

This is the excerpt for your very first post.


20171112_165205Ok let me start this thing by introducing myself! My name is Kendall W….well it was W, however recently I became a newly wed woman, assuming my amazing husbands last name. I am now proudly Mrs Kendall O 🙂0V6A3621187kendall markI also go by the nickname Kenzie, most times preferring it to my actual name lol.

20171028_151058I have a young son named Darius who just turned 9 years old at the end of January.  He is currently attending the third grade, and progressing nicely in his education.

20171111_122003My little family and I live just outside of a cute little Village in Alberta, on our six acre Hobby Farm. My husband (Mark), my son and I own quit the collection of creatures here on our little slice of paradise! I have always had a huge love for animals and swore one day I would have all the animals I wanted! Well fast forward a few years and here I am living my dreams!! I am so very blessed!!

maresWe have 2 beautiful mares named Dakoda and Brandine and a miniature horse named Woodstock! I adore finally being able to own my own horses!! We also have 3 dogs that are ours and a foster pup we are taking care of until his parents sell their condo and buy a house with a lot more space for the gentle giant!

6 cats also call our acreage home, 2 are house cats and 4 live in the barn as outside cats.

Then last but not least CHICKENS!! lol I may be a bit of a crazy chicken lady to be honest! Right now I have 26 gorgeous little feathered friends!! 😀

Now to talk about the careers that my husband and I have chosen to support our wonderful little family and life! I am so incredibly proud of my husband and his career path! Since a young boy Mark has wanted to be a pilot and work with airplanes. His Father and Grandfather before him both flew some kind of plane, fueling his passion to work in the field of aviation. Marks Dad also works in mechanics for his career, so he has been brought up with a complete understanding of how things work, break, and how to put them back together. Honestly the guy is the smartest person I know. I call him Mr Fix it because he can fix almost anything, including freaking airplanes!! His smarts are such an incredibly attractive attribute to his personality. I adore this man.

Now we have come to my career! I am an Early Childhood Educator with 2 years college education in the field of Childcare and many many years of experience working with children. I started with babysitting when I was just a young girl, progressing into Nanny jobs, Daycare centers, Before and After School programs, coaching children in skiing, soccer, and horseback riding, many kids summer programs, and finally running my own Dayhome! My program is called Tiny Turtles Dayhome and I couldn’t be prouder of my awesome little business! But I will spare the details about it until farther down the line when I dedicate a whole post to it! 😀

Well I sure didn’t think my very first blog post would be this long but I guess it takes awhile to put this much awesomeness in one post! 😉 Keep on smiling and loving your own versions of paradise!

Much Love

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