Touching Tuesday; Our first Valentines Day 2013

In honor of Valentines day being tomorrow I have decided to share my most memorable amazing Valentines Day to date with you all! 😀 It was 2013 and Mark and I had only been seeing each other for a few months. He surprised Darius and I with a wonderful weekend away in Canmore Ab, which is an absolutely gorgeous place nestled in the beauty of the mountains. I have LOVED since the beginning of our relationship how he always includes Darius in almost everything we do. He is an amazing Dad! 



After arriving at our awesome hotel room, Mark proceeded to not only give me gifts but he also had Valentines gifts for my son! Darius was over the moon with being so included by the man seeing his Mother. To this day they continue to build such an amazing Father Son relationship! Melts my heart!! As for what Mark had given me……I got a Tigger stuffie with the cutest little diamond promise ring on its arm! He then proceeded to say “This ring is my promise to you that I will be everything for you and Darius that you both deserve. And a promise of my commitment and love to you both!” Talk about winning the lotto of men!!! My Goodness I love him!!!


The three of us spent the remainder of the weekend enjoying each others company, going for dips in the hotels hot tub, eating yummy food until we were stuffed, hiking around a lake, and watching family movies from the comfort of a hotel room bed while consuming mass amounts of junk food!! ;P It was for sure a celebrated milestone in our relationship.   

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