Throwback Thursday; My Mare Dakoda

In honor of my girls 7th birthday today, my TBT will be all about her! This is very fitting as this mare really does think the world is all about her! lol The other horses eat when she says, go where she says, and don’t get human attention unless she says! She has a whole lot of attitude that’s for sure, especially for such a small horse! They say that an easy horse doesn’t teach you anything, however a difficult horse will help you learn many things. The first and foremost of these being patience! lol My mare has taught me bundles of patience, that is for sure!

I bought Dakoda 2 years ago from a lady who actually scammed me pretty bad. My mare was sold to me as a broke, kid safe horse with loads of experience! This lady even cracked a whip off of her back with my son riding behind the saddle. Dakoda didn’t move a muscle. She was everything I had ever wanted in a horse, or so it would seem until a few days later when I took her out for a ride with my son doubling behind me and she freaked out, reared up throwing both my son and I to the ground hard! She then took off up the hill as fast as her legs would carry her. At this point I am lying in the ditch winded from hitting the ground so hard and I look up to see my son lying motionless in the ditch a few feet from me. I have never felt so scared in my life! I crawled across the ground and pulled him into my lap. It was then he gasped for air and started frantically crying. He ended up being fine other than badly winded and petty shook up. He didn’t want to ever ride a horse again at this point. That broke my heart.

Luckily I kept working with my son and horses and he has regained his confidence in the saddle! He is currently in his third set of riding lessons and doing wonderful! ……..But back to the topic of Dakoda. After the indecent explained above I did some digging and discovered my mare had been drugged to appear perfect and child safe! There is no way she is safe for children to ride. Yes she is broke to ride, but only for an experienced rider. I dug even deeper because she seemed restless and angry all the time, taking her to be vet checked. Only to discover she was full of worms and had lice!!!! Ewwwwwww!!!! And poor pony!!!! That was a long recovery process I tell ya! But we made it through it together. You see I promised this horse I would stick it out with her no matter how difficult the road ahead was going to be. We started forming a partnership at this point but something was still off. She was crow hoping and very tense, leading me to call the equine chiropractor out to have a look at her. This is when we found she had 2 vertebra out in her back! No wonder the poor thing kept trying to get me off her when I would ride! The Chiro lady fixed her up in a few sessions, but it was very time-consuming and costed me a fair amount. Now Dakoda is doing great and is a thriving member of our hobby farm family!! πŸ˜€

Dakoda and I now attend riding lessons together and better our bond everyday! πŸ˜€ We love to go trail riding through the trees and galloping through an empty field. When riding a horse you totally borrow freedom!! She and I have even ridden in 2 parades in a row! Something I am incredibly proud of both of us for!! πŸ˜€ Love you Dakoda! Happy Birthday Pretty Pony!!! πŸ˜€

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