Fowl Friday; I love Silkies!

Out of all the chickens this world has to offer us I for sure like the Silkie the best!! They are just so fuzzy and adorable! How could you not love them!!! In the pictures below you see not the first silkies I have owned, however they are the first silkie chicks I have hatched out myself!! It was such an exciting time watching these little miracles emerge into this world! The babies you see in the pictures below are named Snow and Button 🙂 I was so excited to be hatching my own silkie babies!! Amazing!! 😀




Next I will add a couple of pictures of these two a little bit more grown up! For sure can see a change, but still super cute!!


These are just the chicks, I also have 3 adult silkies! 2 Roosters and a beautiful little hen 🙂 The first roosters name is Prince, he is a real looker 😉 Then we have the competing rooster Brownie who is very passive compared to Prince. Although they are all very gentle little buddies! Last but not least we have my little Miss Luna! She is the stare of the show and the object of both the males eyes 😉 But who can blame them! Look how cute she is!!! 😀


I can’t wait till spring when I try hatching out Luna and the boys eggs! They will just make the cutest little baby silkies ever!! 😀 Excited!! 😀

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