Maternal Monday; ADHD

My son Darius like many other children out there suffers from ADHD. This is a disorder that both his Dad and myself suffer from as well, just in a milder version than our son. ADHD is something that affects everyday of our lives. At four years old when my son first entered kindergarten he had been diagnosed with the disorder. He was then quickly put an a medication called Vyvance to help him cope with his ADHD at school mostly. He remained on this medication until roughly a year ago when I became extremely uncomfortable with the increasing dose being administered to my very young child. I then removed him from the pills to explore the medication free route. I am not going to sit here and blow smoke where the sun don’t shine, this process was incredibly difficult! He had highs and lows, he was mad and sad, he couldn’t pay attention to save his own life! The amount of disrespect that followed was unbelievable! I spend many evenings in tears feeling as if I can’t handle one more moment of the chaos swirling around me. But then I remember the zombie my child was turning into due to the medication I was putting in his system!!! I would rather pull my hair out and cry now and again then put a band-aid on the situation. My son has a disorder, but giving him pills is just like a band aid to be able to “deal with him” and its usually for other people’s comfort and convince, not that of the child actually suffering from the disorder. That’s not fair. 


So we as a family have decided to embrace the journey of a medication free child. He is a live wire, full of energy and mischief ALL the time! But he is OUR live wire, and we love him just the way he is!! 😀 

I am extremely curious to know everyone else’s opinion on the topic of ADHD and medication? Please feel free to share either your own experiences with your own children or simply what your feelings on the topic are! 😀 Thanks a bunch!! It is so appreciated!!

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