Touching Tuesday; 80 Years Young

So roughly 2 weeks ago now my family came together to celebrate this special ladies 80th Birthday!! My Grandfather, who unfortunately passed away last year, had been planning this grand party for his beloved wife for quit some time. The family as a whole decided the show must go on as my Grandfather would have wanted! And so it did! People traveled in for the long weekend from all over the place to honor my Grandfathers wishes and throw my Grandmother the huge milestone celebration she deserved!! After all 80 is pretty amazing, especially when your still as active, strong, and clear minded as my Grandma is! She will rock 80 all year-long! 😉 


She was lucky enough to have family close, a delicious birthday dinner, 2 beautiful birthday cakes, a large assortment of balloons, Gifts, flowers (even though she ended up allergic to them lol), her talented line dancing group (which she teaches!), her one son playing the accordion to entertain his Mom, and her other son reading her a beautifully moving speech followed up with a dance my Grandfather would have gladly danced with his wife had he the chance (there may have been some tears lol) It really was a wonderful afternoon where lots of memories were made to enjoy for years to come!


While at the party I was looking around thinking about how many of the people in that room were brought together because of my Grandmother and Grandfather falling in love all those years ago! What a biter sweet thought. This moment made me think of the song “All because 2 people fell in love” by Brad Paisley. Pretty appropriate I think! 😀 

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