Fowl Friday; Mineral Deficiency

So today I wanted to touch on the topic of mineral deficiency in chickens. This is something I have struggled with in my own flock twice now. The first time my white Silkie Snow was wobbling his head side to side in a strange fashion. I discovered he had Whey Neck which is basically caused by a mineral deficiency. So I added minerals for about a week in the water and he seems to have come around! But now another one of my Silkies started acting strange. She appeared to be just sitting still until I got close and noticed she was only moving backwards!! It was honestly the weirdest thing! I have had her separated and on a regiment of vitamins and minerals for the past few days. She has started to perk up and taken a few steps in the right direction!! πŸ˜€ I don’t know if it’s just the breed or what, but in my opinion Silkies are high maintenance!! lol

Chicken people! What are your opinions on this topic? I would love to hear them!

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6 thoughts on “Fowl Friday; Mineral Deficiency

  1. I was wondering also if silkies are more prone to mineral deficiencies, or if the food you’re using is lacking in some of those minerals? I’ll definitely be keeping my eyes open for signs of mineral deficiency in my ladies now, though! I didn’t know it was such a common problem!

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    1. Yeah I knew nothing about the topic before my white Silkie had Whey neck. I’m always learning something new everyday when it comes to chickens. Has been a great learning experience that’s for sure! I will be looking into the possibility of it being lack of minerals in the food I am currently feeding. If so that’s a pretty simple fix. But it could also very possibly just be a silkie thing! lol


  2. We only have one Silkie and while she has a big pushy attitude and holds her own around the big girls, I keep an eye on her. We’ve been lucky in this department so far. Thanks for sharing this experience.

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