Fowl Friday; Always a Silkie!

So a few days ago I went to check on my flock and found this poor guy beaten almost to death by the other Roosters! He had almost no feathers left on his head, they had all been pecked out viciously! He was bleeding in many places on his face, neck, and head and his eyes were swollen shut!  I immediately brought him into the house and ran him a warm Epsom salt bath to clean him up and make him more comfortable. Followed by a gentle blow dry and some Polysporin on his peck wounds. I then put him in his own privet crate with antibiotic food and mineral infused water so he could start to heal! The poor fella looked pretty swollen and rough!


Now it’s been a few days of separation from the flock and he is making a great recovery! The swelling has gone down almost completely and both his eyes are OPEN!! 😀 Which I was very excited to see as I thought he may have lost one of his eye balls during the fight with the other Roosters. I am going to keep him separated from the rest of the birds until he is fully healed as I have been told that he will just be attacked again if the others can tell he is still injuried. I really love this little guy so he will be staying warm and cozy in the house until he is all better! 😀


Well that’s all for this Fowl Friday 😉 Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!!

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