Maternal Monday; Children and Chores…

Sigh…..This is literally the number one thing I struggle with recently when it comes to my son. Here I am desperately trying to teach my 9-year-old child some very basic skills in life and he is determined to fight me every single step of the way! And yes I know that more than likely this issue is considered pretty normal among kids nowadays, however I am frustrated to the point of yelling and tears daily. This I do not consider fun. This steals my energy and happiness, makes anger that doesn’t usually exist surface, and worst of all makes me feel like a BAD MOM.

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My husband and I have assigned 2 chores to our son. These include loading and unloading the dishwasher once a day and changing over loads of laundry. I would also like to add that we pay our child $10 a month for these very simple chores. We have 2 reasons for this….#1 We want to teach our child the meaning of working hard to earn money you can be proud of (This included opening him his own bank account). #2 We want to teach him that he needs to be a contributing member to have a family. You can not just lay around doing nothing but watching TV and expect others to carry the rest of the load for you while carrying you along as well on a free ride. We want him to grow into a man any woman would be lucky to call her husband.

Everyday my son takes well over an hour to load and unload the dishwasher while issuing every complaint or excuse in the book!! All this while I’m having to stand over him supervising the chore while sacrificing valuable time that could most definitely be spent doing something productive for the family. It is just so tiring……why can’t he just do the darn chore…….sigh.

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5 thoughts on “Maternal Monday; Children and Chores…

  1. It’s an important lesson hopefully he learns it. I unfortunately have no parenting advice as i have never parented but I can only hope it gets easier for you. You are not a bad mom and don’t even think that!

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      1. Keep working on it and yes it is frustrating but take a deep breath and try to keep your temper cool. If you have to laugh it off because it’s ridiculous do it easier on the soul than getting mad.

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  2. I gave my kids a $ a chore we would + them up when its was time to pay them if they didn’t do any they got no money .. and i didn’t fight with them or get anger if they didn’t do the chores in the time they had to did them i just did them my self … if they wanted the money to get something they did them or they juck didn’t get it … it is all way hard to get your kids to do what you want them to do .. all i know is that getting anger doesn’t work .. so you just need to fine something that does teach your dog thing by giving them treats sometime it works with kids too some time it won’t but give it a try ..

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