Maternal Monday; Easter Weekend/ Odd and Unusual Sale

Well here we are, just a Mom and Son at a crazy animal auction on Easter weekend! 😀 This was taken on Friday which was day one of a three-day Odd and Unusual auction in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada. What a blast we had!


My son had a ton of amazing experiences this weekend, a lot of which included eating! lol He must be growing because he is starting to eat bigger portions and is hungry all the time! He had a great time helping Mom and Dad choose and bid on animals, which was a new experience for this little man. Also he loved that we booked a hotel with a pool and hot tub! He was in that pool everyday we were at the hotel! He was even lucky enough to meet a couple new friends to play with as there was a hockey tournament going on and the teams were staying at the same hotel as us all weekend. There were tons of children for him to engage with 😀


And here we have Mr. D and his awesome score from the Easter Bunny!~ Who by the way was able to find him all the way in Red Deer at a hotel! lol Darius was amazed! It was wonderful 😀


Matching purple cowboy hats! 😀 Rocking Mom’s favorite color at the auction in style ;P

And now to introduce the new arrivals to our hobby farm! Friday we bought an 8 week old hedgehog for an observation pet in the Day home. We named him Sid 😀 Saturday was birds all day, we bought 2 white Silkies, 3 ISA Reds, an Americana hen, a golden laced mixed hen, and my super special amazing Showgirl Rooster!! 😀 I am sooooo impressed with the purchase of this super cool little chicken! Next was the Sunday sale! We purchased 2 adorable miniature horses! One is a 5-year-old larger Paint with beautiful blue crystal eyes named Phantom. She could make an amazing riding pony for my son. The other is a three-year old little mare who matches our gorgeous little Woodstock perfectly! Flaxen main and all!! 😀 Once they both have learned to drive they will be the most amazing beautiful pair of miniature driving horses!! So excited for this adventure!!

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