Maternal Monday; Mini Dad

This week I found the most adorable kids coveralls for my Darius! And the coolest part is it matches his Dads coveralls! 😀 This made my heart happy! Darius kept it on for hours after putting in on to show Dad and didn’t take it off until bedtime! lol He wants to be just like his Dad 😀 I am so very blessed to have a wonderful role model and Father for my son!~ Mark is simply the best, gosh I love this man! And of course my little man too! ❤20180407_190922.jpg

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Maternal Monday; Easter Weekend/ Odd and Unusual Sale

Well here we are, just a Mom and Son at a crazy animal auction on Easter weekend! 😀 This was taken on Friday which was day one of a three-day Odd and Unusual auction in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada. What a blast we had!


My son had a ton of amazing experiences this weekend, a lot of which included eating! lol He must be growing because he is starting to eat bigger portions and is hungry all the time! He had a great time helping Mom and Dad choose and bid on animals, which was a new experience for this little man. Also he loved that we booked a hotel with a pool and hot tub! He was in that pool everyday we were at the hotel! He was even lucky enough to meet a couple new friends to play with as there was a hockey tournament going on and the teams were staying at the same hotel as us all weekend. There were tons of children for him to engage with 😀


And here we have Mr. D and his awesome score from the Easter Bunny!~ Who by the way was able to find him all the way in Red Deer at a hotel! lol Darius was amazed! It was wonderful 😀


Matching purple cowboy hats! 😀 Rocking Mom’s favorite color at the auction in style ;P

And now to introduce the new arrivals to our hobby farm! Friday we bought an 8 week old hedgehog for an observation pet in the Day home. We named him Sid 😀 Saturday was birds all day, we bought 2 white Silkies, 3 ISA Reds, an Americana hen, a golden laced mixed hen, and my super special amazing Showgirl Rooster!! 😀 I am sooooo impressed with the purchase of this super cool little chicken! Next was the Sunday sale! We purchased 2 adorable miniature horses! One is a 5-year-old larger Paint with beautiful blue crystal eyes named Phantom. She could make an amazing riding pony for my son. The other is a three-year old little mare who matches our gorgeous little Woodstock perfectly! Flaxen main and all!! 😀 Once they both have learned to drive they will be the most amazing beautiful pair of miniature driving horses!! So excited for this adventure!!

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Touching Tuesday; Bell of the Ball


This past weekend my spouse and I attended our very small communities annual Fireman’s Ball. I have lived in this community for almost 4 years however this was the first time I went to the ball. I was a little bit skeptical as it was to be a very fancy, dress up kind of event and I’m …..well pretty much the opposite of that! lol With that being said I am so very glad I decided to attend!! We had a BLAST! 😀 I most definitely would have felt left out had I decided to not go! I am a person who loves to make and capture memories, and this night was for sure one of the good ones!!  Having a photo booth present at this event was such a treat! So many amazing photos taken and memories made! SO MUCH FUN! 😀 I can’t possibly share all the amazing memories made this evening, but I will share a few of my favorites! Hope you all enjoy! 😀




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Throwback Thursday; A Wedding in the Making!


Today’s Throwback is from my wedding hair and make up trial a year ago. I had a pretty hard time deciding on who was going to come complete this very important task for my very special day! The girl whom I chose to come do hair and make up for Myself, Maid of honor, 3 bridesmaids, and a flower girl was wonderful. I felt beautiful after my trial and walked towards my wedding day with full confidence that I would look my very best on one of the most important days of my life!

I was pretty impressed with the overall outcome of my trial! And so was my husband 😉 I think I looked gorgeous! What do you think?? 😀

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